How to Find Strong Dog Collars

by admin on July 28, 2011

We all want the best for our dogs, best care, best food, and best collars. That can be a tough job for big and strong dogs as strong dog collars are not that easy to find, especially if you are looking for stylish dog collars. So what should you be concentrating on when looking for the best strong dog collar?

First rule, leather beats metal any time if we are talking about large dogs, for several reasons:

Leather collars are more comfortable

Leather collars are wider and won’t suffocate your dog as much as a metal collar

Leather collar won’t become scolding hot in the sun

Leather collars are more sturdy and stronger than metal which will bend, stretch and eventually break

And leather collars can have amazing stylish additions, while metal collars are a bit limited

Now that we got that out of the way it is safe to say that we all want a leather dog collar for our dog, no matter the size of the dog.

The part about finding a strong dog collar doesn’t have to be that hard, we need a large piece of leather, right? Well, yes and no. It is important to find a large and wide leather collar, but you also need to think about the dog.

If you have a Sheppard or any long haired dog you need to think of his hair, so a sturdy leather collar won’t suffice. At the same time if you have a short haired dog like a Stafford you need to think of the friction the collar will cause and eventually damage the skin and maybe make some damage and leave marks and scars. So how do we avoid all the issues and find a collar for our dog that is strong enough to withstand the dog but not cause any damage to his appearance or health?

For a while you were able to find leather collars with synthetic insides that were said to leave the skin intact and add to the quality and strength of the collar, but it wasn’t long until users realized that the hair gets thinner and that long haired dogs start losing hair fast due to friction and electricity. So we went back to pure leather, but that isn’t a good choice as well, right? Wrong, and here is why:

Most leather dog collars aren’t leather at all, so check the fine print and check with your pet store, if not sure just look at the edges of the collar, real leather can’t be sawed, so you will see something like inverted leather, which should be the same from the insides of the collar.

The quality of the leather also matters, different materials have different durability, so make sure to check with your pet supplier and let him recommend a product genuinely and not based on the price, as some collars are way better than others but at the same time cost less.

We won’t recommend a product as each dog requires a different type of product, we can’t even recommend a single manufacturer because they tend to go from bad to good and the other way around each year, so there is no guarantee of quality at any level. It comes down to some experience, recommendations from friends and testing to see what your dog can handle without having to suffer side effects.

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