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by admin on July 28, 2011

For all Chinchilla lovers there is one question on the mind, how long will their Chinchilla live. Chinchilla life span can be confusing thing to research online; you will find plenty of information showing that Chins live over 20 years, and some that their pet chinchillas never passed the 5 year mark. The most common one is that they live between 15 and 20 years, while that is true for chinchillas in the wild, it is a whole different thing for chinchillas in captivity.

According to our own research Chinchillas live from 9 to 13 years in captivity, but that is only on average according to reported numbers by vets. The truth is that the life span of your Chinchilla depends mostly on you and the conditions you provided for your chin. Some chins do live 5 years and some are reported to live over 20 years, there have been chins that lived 22 or a few even living up to 25 years. So what is the secret behind long Chinchilla life span?

Playgrounds, playmates, housing and food

Basically everything a kid needs, or even an adult human for that matter. Chins are very social by nature, they are also very active, if your chin doesn’t move enough, doesn’t have toys to chew on and ramps to climb and jump on she will slow down her metabolism, eat less, lose fur even and basically she will not have her natural habitat, and in order to make their life span longer you need to replicate everything you can from their natural habitat. If you slow them down you are shortening their life, literally.

So here are some chinchilla facts that will help you make your chin feel at home and live a long playful life with you and your family:

Chins needs consistent temperature that shouldn’t go below 14 degrees Celsius or above 24C. Younger chins can handle temperatures even up to 30, but older ones can have a stroke from heat, so make sure to take care of the room temperature, this is the first thing you should know about Chins, if you can’t provide this don’t bother taking on the poor animal as you will be killing her slowly.

Don’t yell at your chin, don’t play the music or the TV too loud or place them near load animals like dogs, they are afraid of loud noises, and that will overall affect their mental and physical condition. As for the feeding, chins are army guys, they love their routines. They need to be fed the same time each day and you should not mix their food a lot. They require basic proteins found in hay and dry grass, so treats can be given from time to time on small amounts or they can upset their digestive system, which can greatly endanger their health. The thing is that chins are rodents and they will eat and nod at everything they see, and in some cases they will swallow, which can lead to some dangerous situations for your chins life. So make sure that any toys you give them are from plain wood, no paint, no plastic or wiring.

You take care of these few things and your chinchilla will have a long life span, play with her and allow her to run and climb where she feels like under your supervision and everything will be fine, you will be able to go onto pet forums and boast about your 20 year old chin.

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